The Universe vs. God?


The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms ~ Lao Tzu

There are times where I will say things like, “I’m putting this into the Universe, and I know it won’t come back void.” or “The Universe is working for me, I’m sure of it.” When I say these things, I can almost bet all that I own that one of my more religious friends are cutting their eyes at me, as if somehow I’m taking reverence away from the God that I serve and putting it into the moon and the stars, as if somehow my Christianity has been compromised for new aged mysticism.

~ Everything is perfect in the universe – even your desire to improve it. ~Wayne Dyer

Call it what you like, but I call it consciousness. I feel with my entire being that there is no way to honor God as God without acknowledging all that He/She (oh, and I’m sure that the She just threw a few people off, as well)  is, and I believe that there is no way to know the inherited Power that we all possess, without knowing what our resources are. I think there is a hymn somewhere that says, “Jesus is ALL to me.” And that He is!

People think pleasing God is all God care about. But any fool living in the world can see it always trying to please us back. ~Alice Walker, The Color Purple

I don’t believe that God created the Universe just for us to have a big ol’ pretty place to live. I believe that God and the Universe are one, and every little piece of this puzzle–earth, the moon, the stars, trees, flowers, every single molecule was made to work for us–and limiting God to Heaven (wherever that might be), is limiting His power, thus limiting our power as co-creators (since we were made in His image, should it be so hard and complicated to succeed in happiness, love, abundance–life? Should it be far fetched to believe that God created us with the resources to create life, as S/He did?) .

Second Corinthians 9:8 –Moreover, God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need; you may have abundance for every good work.

There is no internal battle within my mind, heart or spirit about Who or What is in control. When I give thanks to the Universe it is synonymous to giving thanks to God, just on a larger scale–giving thanks to the Whole of God. Like, if you help me up from a ditch I have fallen in, I can’t thank your hand without thanking my friend that took the time to support me, when I needed it most…

I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, but only to inspire a thought. And I didn’t share this to be self-righteous, as if to say my belief is greater than yours. Whether you be Christian, Muslim, Catholic or Jewish, are you believing in God as a whole? Or as a Powerful Force, far off and non-visible to our small human eyes? If He/She is far off, then so is the Power of God, is it not?  Placing God in Heaven, is like placing God in a box, ultimately limiting the Power that God has blessed each and every one of us with; Forfeiting the greatest gift He/She has granted–Inheritence!

If God is in everything, then all you have to do is open your eyes for the very Source of your existence, and the Power that can change your life, and Ultimately the world.

There is no need to feel powerless, when you have the power of God.

The next time you're feeling powerless, take God out of heaven and place God where you need Him.