4 thoughts on “Giveaway! Totally Free Dream Machines! Want One?

  1. annafig19

    Good food for thought. In all honesty, while I prefer the light, human nature is such that we only appreciate the light once we’ve known the dark. I think I’d become bored and dissatisfied very quickly.

    • I don’t know if you saw the movie, but for some reason the perfection of it all, freaked me out! Then I was freaked out by my reaction, lol. I have to soul search and figure out why it bothered me so much, but I totally agree with you. How would we know what “good” was if there was no “bad” to compare it to?

  2. This is what my Facebook friend Angel Amor had to say: “I’m with you, Dee. I wouldn’t want that kind of power either. The thought of it is intriguing but far more scary than tempting, once you really accept the rules. Being as they may, I wouldn’t do it because I enjoy reality & there’s also a comfort in the unknowns. Great read. Good questions. Hope you get major feedback. >hugs<“

  3. And my mother (another facebooker) says: “Nope. To me.. it would be to draining and to much living in a fantasy world for my pleasure. Can you imagine having dreams all the time that have your emotons realing constantly. I would completely would lose it.” and “what would be next..after we become bored with that becuase it becomes nothing extra special to us..what would be our next step? We would be out of control.. i think”.

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