A Lonely Place


Shhhh…do you hear that? I guess you don’t, because it’s just me here (well, me and Ameerah and Noah, the kitties-slash-kiddies).


Ameerah and Noah


The TV is off. No music. No phone. If I listen with my heart and not my ears, there is certainly something to be heard. Trust me, it’s true. Go ahead and try it, take some time and cut off all of your distractions. Do it in the middle of the day, when you are most alert. Listen…What do you hear?

A few years ago, sitting here alone, in silence would have hurt me. Sounds absolutely mad doesn’t it? But, yes, in my state of solitude and silence, I would have heard how being alone was just like being unwanted. Certainly, I would’ve picked up the phone and found someone, anyone to fill up the space that caused the voice of my saboteur to echo and bounce acoustically from every corner of my mind and straight to my heart, resulting in the discomfort of my spirit. In my “alone-ness” I would have heard loneliness and his voice would have been like finger nails sliding slowly down a blackboard.

Eventually, I realized that I could use that horrible voice that told me the lie, that the reason I found myself alone so much was because no one wanted to be there, to lead me to the Truth; and the Truth was in the fact that in the midst of being alone there is nothing there but you and the Divine–the Truth; and the truth was that I did think that I was unwanted and unworthy, and there was some healing that needed to take place, as did I (even if I didn’t want to admit it)–and God let the universe close me in, not as a punishment, but because I wanted to be mended.

What better place to heal than in the midst of Self, The Truth and Divine silence?

Have you been to the lonely place yet? How does it feel when you get there–what does your heart hear? In the lonely, silent place there is an opportunity to listen and find the Truth about your situations. Let it envelope you, while you embrace it. The Truth will always set you free. Take it from me, it’s one opportunity you don’t want to miss!


Does Single Mean Being Alone? See what this blogger has to say.

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2 thoughts on “A Lonely Place

  1. valerie johnson

    Dee,,you are so right! .sometimes when we find oursleves alone.often.at some point in our live’s..it’s our life telling us there’s some healing that needs to be done,,We need to hush for awhile and listen; because God is trying to tell you something. And the thing is all the while we think we are alone we are never alone at all. We are there with ourselves ,, with our thoughts and with God. Some things that happen to us has more to do with our live’s destiney, .our lives doing what needs to be done and has little to do with anyone else. i think for me being a only child .. sometimes finding myself alone and lonely at times led me to learn early..how to deal with it and how to make good use of it.

    I wish I had known how lonely you felt. Its sort of hard for me to fanthom you feeling unloved and not wanted when you are so loved and wanted by me..but its a testiment to how troublesome life can be along the way. Thank God for the power of his healing.!

    • Feeling unloved and being unloved is too different things, I just refused to believe it. It was pure resistance, being angry at the Truth, so I protested receiving Love from where it was, where it always was, because I couldn’t have it from where I wanted it. When you let relationships define you, you buy in to thinking that you have no meaning without one.

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