Who Needs Vicodin When You Have Love?


It’s almost 5 am, and instead of sleeping, I’m up writing. In search of a little inspiration, I found myself, where else? FACEBOOK, of course. I truly believe that nothing happens by chance, so it’s no surprise that Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser), posted this wonderful article that made me want to go write. It was so great that I couldn’t wait until the morning to share it. It’s great news for  a hopeless romantic, love pusher like me.

There was a study done that found that love dulls pain. The Time magazine article tells of how the chair of pain management at Stafford University conducted a study on 15 couples who were fresh in love (you know, that passionate burning love). While being monitored in a fMRI, when these couples should have felt pain, just looking at a picture of their lover caused brain to register the feeling as if they popped a pain killer.

Why is that such good news? Well, with all the painful mess going on in the world, that gives us all a reason to love a lot more. I say, we renew our relationships–fall in love with your partner all over again–start fresh! Single? In that case, give love a chance, it could possibly save you from drug addiction in the future. Don’t want a romantic relationship with someone else? Fall in love with you, now! Romance yourself! I truly believe that we need to love ourselves the same way we want to be loved by someone else. Buy you flowers, take you on a date, speak sweet nothings in your ear…Do we need more of a reason to love?

“Love gets you high, give love a try”—ME, “your love pusher”

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