About Dee


For a free consultation, please call: 215-703-8202

My philosophy is simple: We were all made to be great! I believe that the only thing standing in the way of living a good life is perception.

My name is Deidre, but you can call me Dee, your friendly contemporary coach. I am native Philadelphian and Life, Love and Spiritual Coach.

I know that loving yourself and living life is synonymous. Through meditation, honoring Divinity in me, manifesting greatness through The Law of Attraction, letting go by doing “The Work” and welcoming support I have delved deep into happiness and want nothing more than the same for you.

Coaching by Deidre is customized per client. I coach by skype, phone, and in person (by request). I have clients in Philadelphia and other cities. Fees are charged on a sliding scale, and in some instances I accept donations from those who are financially challenged.

Areas of coaching:

* Relationships
* Heartbreak/Grief
* Weightloss
* Gaining Self-Esteem
* Body Image
* Sexuality
* Support with Coming Out (for family of LGBTQ or individuals coming out)
* Teen Issues (for young people, or parents who need a deeper understanding of their teen)
* Gaining Focus
* Creating Balance
* Realizing Vision/Manifestation
* Reconciliation with Divinity (Spiritual Coaching)
* Self-Love

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