//Power Parties//

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You may say that I’m a dreamer (like Lennon), but I have a big dream (like Martin Luther King), lol. Right now, it’s just a vision. I see women learning to love themselves, in a real way, (mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually…) their love is so engraved that it seeps from their pores. Respect is given, because women know that its due–you can’t fool us! And we empower and uplift one another. In my vision, we take every opportunity show our girls, and other women who aren’t part of our movement–yet–the way. When we are hurt, we all feel pain. Our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, co-workers grown because we soar!

This vision is clear and has now become my mission.

My name is Coach Dee, I am an abuse survivor, a survivor of infidelity in the worst way, a survivor of a food addiction, a survivor of heartbreak, discrimination (in the church, in school, at work–because of my earlier weight, because of my sexuality, etc). I suffer from Fibromyalgia, have had issues with depression and anxiety. I have been betrayed and disappointed, just like we all have, but I have found the key to pure unadulterated bliss and I want to take my sisters/sistas with me (of all races, creeds, colors, sexual origins, nationalities, religions)–happiness is an equal opportunity condition).

I am an Empowerment and Lifestyle Coach, Writer and Guest Speaker and I have created a series of workshops that I know will change minds and lives–I just need an audience. Let’s call it an Empowerment Party! You bring the crowd (even if it’s just you, your teen daughters and a few of their friends, or the women in your neighborhood that you feel disconnected from), and I will bring the joy!

As women, we are the creators. Don’t be fooled, we are the one’s that carry, protect, nurture and give birth to many things…C’mon ladies, if we can throw a Mary Kay party, surely we can do this. Just like those beauty parties, my co-host will get a free gift (as if access to happiness for a lifetime isn’t enough, lol).

Yes, I’m in Philadelphia, but it’s 2010–we can even party by Skype–let’s be happy all over the world!

To collaborate with me for a workshop, coaching or to request me as a keynote speaker for your next engagement please contact me, at: (215)703-8202 (Google Voice), or CoachDee215@yahoo.com.
Donations to speak at any engagement or lead any workshops are free and any compensation will be accepted, graciously, by donation only.

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