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Dedicated to the Greatest

There is an indescribable peace that comes with knowledge of self. I suppose for some people, knowing who you are comes with ease, on the other hand, it can come slow and hard. Either way the race is won.

For me, it took a series of bad love affairs that left me with the name I entered the relationship with, the material items that I had accumulated (and brought to compensate for the self-nurturing and coping skills I didn’t posess), and time alone with a person that I knew so little about, it was uncomfortable being in the same room with, for too long–myself–to realize that I was more than someone’s lover. I was not a failure, because my relationship had failed; I was, however a mirror image of the gold-plated, faux form of lover that I was attracting. No, It wasn’t about fault, I’m not about to take the blame for abuse and undeserved pain, but I was lowsy, lazy lover of myself and attracted lovers that didn’t want the responsiblity that I didn’t even want to take on.

Like attracts like. If you are unforgiving, even to yourself, you will attract someone resentful. If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, you will attract things and people that do not enhance your wellness. It’s as simple as it sounds, but may need some analyzing on your part. The Creator, in my opinion, is very poetic–things are not always literal and our eyes sometimes need a deeper look, but I can bet that what you are giving is what you are getting.

Knowing who you are is better than the most elite, reputable, matchmaking service, because when you know who you are you know what compliments you and makes your heart sing and welcoming those things into your life is as easy as being them. Your life is no longer out of control, you finally realize that change begins in you, and if it’s peace and love that you want, then it’s peace and love you have to be. Things no longer just happen by chance. Ever ask yourself “why?”, in honor of Michael Jackson’s Birthday, I suggest looking that the (wo)man in mirror.

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Dedicated to the Greatest

Michael Joseph Jackson: 1958-2009